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You might not be confident on what to look for when viewing properties, whether that be knowing the assets value once refurbishment work is completed, or understanding what work is required to let or sell, or not being able to estimate the cost of works. Do you want some expert advice on what houses are a ‘good buy’?

- Find, view and offer on properties on your behalf.

- ‘Appraise the deal’ – one of the most important steps in the process so you know how much capital is required, what the ROI is, how much money you will leave in the deal, yield and cashflow etc.

- Discuss the deal with you in person, via telephone or video call.

COST - £2,000

You may not have relationships or being interested in working with any tradesmen/women. You may prefer a hands-off approach, or do not live in the area. We can manage the refurbishment from start to finish – you wouldn’t need to come to site unless you wanted to!

- Project manage the full refurbishment from start to finish, using our longstanding and trustworthy trades.
- Weekly 30 minute in person, telephone or video call catch up. - Photo and video updates.

COST – 15% of the refurbishment cost, subject to a minimum of £2,500.


This is the package for you if you want a complete hands-off approach. You can leave it with me and receive and many or as few updates as you wish.

- Finding a property (package 1)

- Project managing a refurbishment (package 2)

- Finding a tenant/buyer – we work with a partnered registered letting agent who would support with this.

- Ongoing management if retained as a rental (fee TBC) - we work with a partnered registered letting agent who would support with this.

COST – £4,000

- Testimonials

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."

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We are committed to helping you start your own journey into the world of property investment. On reflection, if there was one thing that would have provided us with great value from day one, it would have been learning from someone who had experience. That’s why we want to help others and provide a service that we didn’t have!

- Our mission

Our mission is to continue investing in property as well as helping to support and guide you in your property journey. Whether you are looking to replace your salary and leave the day job, have more time with your family, increase your passive income or diversify your investments – property can be the vehicle to achieve your goals.