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- A Bit About Me

My name is Ollie, and I am a property investor/developer.

My passion for property started when at school which then led to me studying Estate Management at university. Post-graduation, I worked for a firm of chartered surveyors then PLC housebuilder, Taylor Wimpey.

Why I Want To Work With You

Our mission is to continue investing in property as well as offering guidance to others with their property journey. We all have varied motivations, whether it’s about replacing your income and leaving the day job, spending more time with family, boosting passive income, or broadening investment portfolios – property can pave the path to achieving these aims. Looking back at my own property journey, personalised guidance in finding the right deals, financing properties optimally, and building a business with sustainable growth would have been invaluable. Many know their goals but lack a strategic plan; I’m here to offer support and guidance towards achieving them

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” –

- Why I invest in property

I have always been aware that property is a good investment and knew one day that I would start investing and grow a property portfolio. I knew that through building a solid portfolio, I could replace my employed income and live life on my terms, while enjoying the work I was doing.

I Took Action!
October 2018

My partner, Yasmin, and I started Hindle Investments Ltd 

First Deal
March 2019

We completed on our first purchase in March 2019, utilising a BTL mortgage and our personal savings.

Value of Portfolio £190k

Second Deal
June 2019

We were able to fund our next deal shortly after, having  refinanced to recycle our capital into the next deal.

Value of Portfolio £245k

Going Full-Time
September 2021

In August 2021 I achieved a long term goal of leaving the day job to go full time in the business.

Value of Portfolio £1.2m

Where We Are Today, 36 Properties
2023 onwards

We have purchased and refurbished 36 properties in the company, retaining the majority as BTL’s and flipping the rest to generate capital to support our investment company.

Value of Portfolio £3.8m

- Projects

Here are examples of the financials on a few deals we have completed: 

- Projects

Cleveland Avenue


3 bedroom semi detached property in Stockton on Tees. This was a repossession property which went to public notice and was in a poor state of disrepair. It was purchased at a significant discount from market value based on its condition.

Property Value Increase
ROI (Return on Investment)
Initial purchase

Purchase price - £75,000

Fees - £6,825 (inc. bridging finance)

Refurbishment - £15,700

Total capital required - £41,275

See Our Refinance Model
Refinance model

Revaluation - £125,000

New mortgage - £93,750

Capital left in deal - £3,775

Capital released - £37,500

Monthly P&L - £389.84

Cashflow per annum - £4,678.13

ROI (return on investment) – 123.92%

Payback time (months) – 9.68

2024 value - £150,000

Initial investment

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We are committed to helping you start your own journey into the world of property investment. On reflection, if there was one thing that would have provided us with great value from day one, it would have been learning from someone who had experience. That’s why we want to help others and provide a service that we didn’t have!

- Testimonials

- Our mission

Our mission is to continue investing in property as well as helping to support and guide you in your property journey. Whether you are looking to replace your salary and leave the day job, have more time with your family, increase your passive income or diversify your investments – property can be the vehicle to achieve your goals.

When I reflect on my own property journey, it would have been beneficial to have someone provide personalised advice to support me in finding the right deals, knowing how best to fund properties and how to create a business that can be fairly passive and one I could easily grow, so I could achieve my goal of increasing income to leave the day job.

I find people know what they want to achieve, however don’t have a strategy or idea on how to get there. I am here to help support and guide you to reach your goals.